My Autobiography by Rocio Molina 

My name is Rocio Abilene Molina Hernandez.
I was born in Huixtla, a small town in Mexico.
I have two sisters, Karla and Rowina. They
are the best sisters in the world. 

I studied in different high schools in my hometown while my father was living in San Francisco with one of my sisters.  I graduated from high school in second place with high grades.  Then, my father told me the good news that he was going to bring me to San Francisco and enroll me in college to study English. 

When I first arrived here, everything was difficult for me.  That was the most difficult time in my life.  The food, the language and the customs here are different from those in Mexico, but I was determined to get accustomed to everything here and learn English.  My first goal was to take some courses at City College of San Francisco.  I learned a lot when I started in ESL level 2.  I continue to study and I have learned how to express myself in English. 

I have been working as a cashier at McDonald’s, and I like my job because it is fun.  People are friendly and my boss is very nice.  My favorite  food at McDonald’s is Mcflurry, which is ice cream with Oreo cookies.  I am happy because I have a lot of friends at school and at work.



My Autobiography by Yanling Chen                                  

My name is Yanling Chen.  I was born in a small city in the 

south of China.  My father and mother are workers.  I have

a sister and a brother.  When I was five years old, my father left my family and went to another place to work.  He came home five years later when I was ten years old.  My father was very nice and often helped people.  My mother was strict with me because she wanted me to study well.  At school I did my best to study. 

In my childhood, I wanted to go abroad to study because I wanted to learn about different cultures in different countries. Today my dream has come true,  so I am very happy.    

I have lived in San Francisco for one month.  Before that, I had not lived in a foreign country that has a different culture. This is the beginning for me, and I try my best to get accustomed to living here.     

In San Francisco, I must start a new life and accept many challenges. I plan to learn different subjects and skills.  In one year or later, I will continue to study English  at city college because I must improve my English, then  I  should  study  other subjects  in a college or a university. I know if I don’t have special skills or knowledge,  it would be difficult for me to have a good job.  In my free time, I want to get a part-time job so I can make money. More importantly, I want to have some job experiences that I cannot get from school.  My parents are not in the U.S.  In three years, I will become an American citizen. Then my parents, my sister and my brother can come here. 

During my summer or winter holidays, my husband and I will go on trips to famous places in S.F or other places, and we will get to know the U.S better. But now I am focusing on studying English.



 My Autobiography by Jian Zhou

My name is Jian Zhou. I was born in a small city in GuangDong of  China. My father was a businessman, and my mother was a housewife. I have two brothers and two sisters. When I was a little girl, I heard a lot of stories from my mother. She taught me how to read books and told me how to learn along with people. She was my great teacher and I respected her. 

When I was a student, I wanted to be a teacher. I thought I had to learn more things for my future. I usually stayed at the library to read books for a couple hours every day. I studied hard at school and received a certificate of completion of the teaching program. I was very happy to be a teacher! However, I wasn’t excited because China had a lot of political movements, and people had no freedom of speech. 

When I was twenty-two, I got married. My husband was a teacher, too! A year later, my daughter was born, and two years later, my son was born. That’s the happiest time of my life. My husband and I worked and saved up money to support our children to go to school. That time was the most difficult time in my life. 

When I was in my forties, my family and I immigrated to America. In the beginning, my life in America wasn’t easy because I didn’t have any friends, I also didn’t speak English. But I enjoyed the freedom, and I had a lot of determination. My husband and I enrolled in a school for immigrants. We learned how to speak English. My children went to school, too. Five years later, I became an American citizen. My daughter has a good job and is married. My son graduated from the University of San Francisco. He has a great job and is married. They both have great families. 

A few months ago I retired. Since then, I have a lot of free time to do what I want to do. I go to school again to study English and make new friends. I really enjoy living in America.


My Autobiography by Yan Tang  

My name is Yan Tang.  I was born in a small city in China. My father

was a driver and my mother was a nurse.  My parents worked hard

in China.  They also told me that I should try my best in everything. 

I will remember it forever.

When I was 14, my mother came to America in order to work.  My father took care of me.  When I was 18, I graduated from high school.  Half a year later, I immigrated to the United States with my father.

In the beginning, my life in the United States wasn’t happy, because I didn’t have any friends, and I didn’t speak English very well.  But I have determination to learn to speak English very well.  So, I am studying English very hard right now.  

 My Story by Jenny Lam                                                                         

My name is Jenny Lam. I was born in Hong Kong. I have been married

for sixteen  years.  I have four children, three daughters and a son.  

I haven’t worked when my son was born.  I don’t like house work,

because it is very routine and hard.  But I like to take good care of

my children.         


I immigrated to the United States about three months ago. My husband and I enrolled in City College. We have been studying English and computer from Monday to Friday. It is hard for me because I already graduated from secondary school in Hong Kong a long time ago. I have not studied for a long time. Anyway, I will carry on until I get a job.

In this country, everything is not good. For example, buses are dirty and houses are too expensive. But I try my best to get used to everything because I want my children to learn English well. I hope that my four children can study in the famous universities. It is not my dream. It is my goal.



My Autobiography by Carol Liu

My name is Carol Liu. I was born in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. My father was a mechanic, and my mother was a house wife. I have a sister, May, and two brothers, Ben and John.

I am married to Tian. A year later, our daughter Tina was born.  That was the happiest day of my life.  My husband and I worked hard and save up our money.  Five years later, we immigrated to the United States. 

In the beginning, our life in the United States was not easy.  We did not know anything, did not speak English, but we had determination.  My husband and I worked very hard and studied English at City College.  After five years, we became American citizens.  Today we have a house, a good job, and also a lot of friends.  We enjoy living in the United States.


My Story by Shu Ying Yu


My name is Shu Ying Yu.  I was born in the prosperous and flourishing

city of Guangzhou in China.  I deeply love Gungzhou where I was born

and grew up.  I usually made mistakes in everything all the time when I was young.  However, my parents, teachers and my childhood friends were tolerant of my errors.  My teacher said people learn from their mistakes.  I have always felt grateful to the people who have helped me.


I have good friends and nice cousins. When I left my hometown, my friends told me, “After many years, you may forget us, or you may come back to China or stay in the U.S.  That is your choice. However, we won’t forget you and we will support your decision.” My cousins said they would stand by me forever. I was greatly touched by their thoughtfulness and support. Then, I left my hometown with their best wishes. I will live in a new place bravely because I will learn a lot of things that are different from my culture. I will integrate into this society gradually. Although I left my heart in GuangZhou, I will live whole-heartedly in this new country.








My Autobiography by Guang Wu 

My name is Guang Wu. I was born in Zhong Shang city in Guang Dong of China. My father was a pleasant farmer, and my mother was a housewife. I have a brother and a sister. When I was a child, I usually followed my father to work in the field. That was a hard life. I never enjoyed that kind of work.  

When I was a young man, I was a teacher. I enjoyed being a teacher, but I disliked so many political movements in my country. I was longing for freedom.  

When I was twenty-five, I got married. My wife was a teacher, too. A year later, my daughter was born. Two years later, my son was born. Those were the happiest days of my life. 

When I was in my forties, I immigrated to the United States. In the beginning, my life in America wasn’t easy. I didn’t speak English. But I felt the “fresh air”— I enjoyed the freedom. Therefore, I determined to overcome all the difficulties. My wife and I worked hard and learned English.  Five years later, I became an American citizen. 

One year ago, I retired. I still want to learn more English skills, so I take the ESL class at City College of San Francisco. I really enjoy my life in America!


My Autobiography by Li Juan Zhou


My name is Juan, I was born and raised in Guang Zhou, China.

My father was a  machinery technician, and my mother was a cashier. I have one brother and two sisters.

As I graduated from high school, my father taught me about the maintenance of machinery, and my working in a factory of machinery couldn’t please my father because I never enjoyed that kind of the job.

I’d like a job in commerce. I worked in a commercial group in 1984. It was a powerful company in my hometown. I worked hard for my job, I got a lot of experience from my job. One year later, I got a chance to take two courses in Commercial Management and Serve Psychology, and my boss paid for my tuition. I completed these courses in two years. Then, I worked in a Sales Department for one year. One year later, I accepted the position of general manager at the Sales Department. My job was very interesting and exciting. I had stayed until my son was born in 1996.         

A few years ago, I immigrated to America, I’m living in San Francisco. I don’t go to work because I must spend a lot of time studying English. I’m taking three ESL classes at City College of San Francisco. I’m looking forward to a good job that meets my interest.                            


My Life by Grace Xie

My name is Grace Xie.  I was born in the countryside in China.

My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife. 

I have a sister.


When I was eight- years-old, I began to go to school. When I was twenty- years-old, I graduated from a teacher training school. After that, I got a job as a teacher. I loved to teach very much. It gave me a change to learn how to interact with different people with different social experiences, which was very important to me. When I was twenty-six years old, I got married in China, my husband was from America, but we met in China. Four years later, my husband supported me to come here. About two years after I came here, our daughter, Joanna, was born. That was the happiest day of my life. My husband and I worked hard. Unfortunately, at the same time, there was domestic violence in my home. My husband was fighting with me. He hit me, and also used a knife to cut my  body.  It scared me. But what could I do?   Who could help me?  Who should I talk to?   Nobody.  I couldn’t stand him anymore, so, I asked a social worker for help. She helped me a lot. And then, I moved into the Asian Women Shelter with my daughter. Right now, I am divorced from my husband. I have a new life with my daughter. We live in a nice apartment. I go to school, my daughter goes to school, too. We have a good time.

I know, it will be very hard for me  in  the  future, but I  think  I  will begin  from  zero.  I can do it. All of my friends said, I am lucky to live in a good place. Yes, that’s true.  But, who can understand me?  Who can understand what kind of  life I had  before?     

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